December 01, 2009

Dortmund, November 19 and 20

Late Afternoon, November 19:

That's what I call a great entrance, I arrived on the sofa at Yvonne's place and startled her, her son Philipp and her partner Mark quite a bit. As it was already late, I joined them for dinner. Later I told a few stories about my recent travels and allowed them to have a look at my souvenirs.


November 20

This morning I helped Yvonne to select beads for the keychains she was making and she promised to make one for my TARDIS key as well. It's a beautiful and sunny day, so I might explore my surroundings a bit.


It's nice here, a lot of green despite the fact that we are in the middle of a city. From the living room window I've spotted a radio tower and to my surprise it was in a beautiful park called "Westfalenpark". We've wandered around for a bit and found some interesting art displays. Then we went up the radio tower and had a brilliant view over Dortmund.


I spotted Yvonne's house from up there, saw the local football stadium and lots more. But we were almost blown away by the wind at 140 m height, so we hurried down again.


There was a stop of a little train right besides the tower and we took it to get a look around the park. The sun then started hiding behind clouds and it got a bit chilly, so we decided to have a nice cup of hot chocolate at a café at the base of the radio tower.


The mugs were almost big enough for me to have a bath in them - and the hot chocolate tasted great.

A little tired from all the interesting things we've seen, we headed back to the apartment and spent the evening in front of the TV.

That's all I've got to tell for now, but come back soon, I have a lot more tales to tell

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Eddy G. said...

Have a lovely stay Tiny Ten. I know you will be well looked after and treated to many great sights and experiences.